13 Sep 2017
Dot Pixel Design, Our Logo

Behind the Process: Creating the Dot Pixel Brand

Earlier this year, Ryan and I decided to forego our individual graphic design gigs and join forces to create a unified and more powerful brand. Not only did this allow us to cut administrative hours in almost half (can I get an amen?!?), but more importantly, gave us the opportunity to offer our clients a wider array of services, and more man power focused on what really matters—results.

We couldn’t keep either of our existing brand names. “Pink Ink Design Shop” certainly didn’t work for him (he has a beard, afterall), and Ryan’s namesake certainly didn’t work for me. We had our work cut out for us to find a name that satisfied both of our nitpicky standards, and explained both our individual and overlapping areas of expertise.

What's in a name?

The story behind the name of Dot Pixel is simple. Our passion and focus within the design world falls into two major categories: print and web design. Print = dot (dots per inch on a printing press). Web = pixel (those little squares that make up every web image). And there you have it…

Doodles upon Doodles

We came up with a myriad of doodles, picked some favorites to try out on screen, revamped those, internally critiqued, scrapped the whole lot, started over, and finally landed on something that we thought worked perfectly; simple, clean and told our unique story.


We then brought our baby to life, by placing her front and center on our new website, across social media profiles, and in our printed marketing pieces. Here’s a snapshot of the process and results:

Dot Pixel Design, Logo Sketches
Dot Pixel Design, A Marriage of Creative Brilliance and Marketing Prowess Animation
Dot Pixel Design, Illustrator Logos Artboard
Dot Pixel Design, Illustrator Logos Artboard Square
Dot Pixel Design Logo and Logomark
Dot Pixel Design Logo plus Logomark Combination
Tara Anderson

Tara Anderson

Award-winning brander and designer. Midwesterner turned Phoenician who stopped complaining about the heat in 2006. Specializes in logos and cohesive event and marketing collateral. Mother of Coen.

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